Our Story

After buying our first rental property in the 90’s and helping out a single mom in the process, we got bitten by the real estate bug and it hasn’t left us since.

We started investing in rental properties, vacation rentals and flipping houses on a small scale. But one big passion that has grown for us over the years is learning how to help the people we come in contact with. We realized early on that we enjoyed the relationships we made through real estate. The people we were working with had a particular need and we found out that we could help fill that need in many cases. What was fulfilling for us was that we could help homeowners solve what might be one of the hardest challenges they were up against. We were happy to realize that we were good at figuring out ways to help homeowners get out of tough situations and move on with their lives.

Our Mission

“To truly help everyone we meet.”

Our Core Values

1. Be of ​Service​, exude ​Integrity

2. Be ​Relentless ​in the pursuit of finding solutions

3. Take ​Ownership ​in everything we do

4. Collaborate​, create win:win solutions

5. Strive for​ Constant and Never Ending Improvement ​to be better in all that we do, and all that we are

The Lorie Buys Houses Advantage

As you know, there’s no shortage of​ real estate investors or agents ​available to help you sell your home​.​ Realtors will want to list your home for sale, but before you can do that you will need to fix it up, clean it and be out of the house for showings. It can take months to get an offer, and then you will likely have to deal with home inspections and repairs, which can be a nightmare to deal with (and let’s not talk about the commissions and closing costs you have to pay for).

Plus you have to hope and pray that the buyers don’t change their minds and cancel, then you have to start the process all over again. What does it mean to sell to an investor? Are they trustworthy or are they going to lure you in with a high number, only to change that number on you as you get closer to the closing date? Or will they keep their word and actually buy your house? Who do you know who to trust? We hope you will see throughout the process of working with us that we stand out from the others. Our focus is on service with integrity, and our aim is helping. Unlike following the traditional process with a realtor, when we buy your house it’s “as-is.” You don’t need to clean it, repair anything or deal with excessive repair fees or paying for realtor and escrow fees.

The number we decide upon is the number you will receive. Also, we can close on your timeline. We can close as quickly as you’d like or we can wait until it’s convenient for you. Our bottom line is that we love spoiling our homeowners! You can rest assured that we will take care of everything for you. Our focus is on service with integrity, and we aim to make the transaction easy and simple for you.

Ready to talk to us? Just reach out and we will be here for you! 🙂

Meet the Lorie Buys Houses team

Lorie – COO

The one who loves houses

Lorie learned about appreciating houses from her Grandma Dixie, who was an interior designer. She taught Lorie about appreciating beauty and Lorie inherited her grandma’s love of design. Lorie discovered that real estate was an outlet to expressing that artistic side, and that a side effect of real estate was to make many friends and help people along the way. But, away from the business, Lorie loves relaxing and enjoying life with her husband and business partner, Mike, and her two kids.

Mike – CEO

The one who is our fearless leader

Mike was born in San Diego and has lived in Southern California his entire life. Mike’s interests include surfing and spending time with family. He has a passion for real estate and spends hours analyzing properties and talking real estate.

Jordan – Dispositions

The one who is our disposition expert

Jordan is our real estate disposition professional.

Joel – Marketing Specialist

The one who is our technology/marketing extrovert

Joel is a marketing professional who has worked in various industries over the past 20 years ranging from tech to consumer goods to medical practices to government contractors working with companies like Buck Knives, Cosmetic Laser Dermatology, Armstrong Garden Center and O’Gara Coach. His talent and skills are a huge asset to Lorie Buys Houses and building our messaging and brand presence. Outside of I-Deal Homes, Joel loves spending time with his wife Jorie, watching sports, checking out cars and spending time with family and friends.